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Are Dr. Miracle Products for Hair Loss Effective? - Wednesday, July 22, 2009



I've been experiencing hair loss since I was 15. It has become extremely thin overall and I'm becoming depressed. I've been taking vitamins and Dr. Miracle products under the advice of my dermatologist but nothing has changed. What can I use to prevent additional hair loss?


Dr. Miracle appears to sell a number of products, some of which are related to hair. One particular product “Dr. Miracle's Temple & Nape Gro Balm” claims to promote hair growth of hair in the temples and nape due to dryness, brittleness, and breakage from the use of relaxers and heat. As a result, this product is geared towards African-American women who regularly use relaxers and heat to style their hair. I’ve seen no claims that this product can stop hair loss or restore hair from the effects of genetic pattern baldness.

To date, the only two FDA approved treatments for male pattern baldness are Propecia (finasteride) and Rogaine (minoxidil). These two solutions are typically viable in the maintaining and strengthening of existing hair. However, only hair transplant surgery is proven to grow hair in completely bald areas.

Bill Seemiller - Managing Publisher of the Coalition Hair Loss Learning Center, and the Hair Loss Q & A Blog.

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