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Can I Blow-Dry Wet Hair After Applying Rogaine Foam? - Thursday, March 11, 2010



I use Rogaine Foam directly after I get out of the shower. I then gently blow-dry and style my hair. Can this be a problem? I don't want to hinder the effectiveness of the foam, but I can't wait for my hair to air-dry on its own. I basically apply the foam, comb it through the thinning hair, and then use the blow-dryer.


According to Rogaine's official FAQ section, blow-drying is fine provided a lower, cooler setting is used. However, in my opinion you should wait a few minutes just to make sure the minoxidil is absorbed into the scalp and not evaporated by the blow-drying. In the past, Rogaine users were advised to let the original formula dry naturally. It's also still recommended to at least towel-dry your hair before applying it. Doing this lightly will not cause breakage or increase hair loss.

Also, make sure you're not combing the minoxidil out of your hair. If it's all over the teeth of the comb, you know it's not staying on your scalp where it needs to be. Impeding potential hair growth is the last thing you want to do after application.


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