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Depressed Because of More Hair Loss 1 Month After 2nd Hair Restoration then After my First - Help! - Monday, April 07, 2008



I am experiencing hair loss as a result from cosmetic surgery (brow lift) and have had 2 hair restoration procedures. I am so sad and depressed and had hoped that my hair would be restored. I am just 1 month out from my second procedure and I look worse now than before the first procedure. Any suggestions?


You sound a lot like me after my second hair restoration procedure as I too became very sad about the way I looked the first few months after surgery.  The first couple months after hair restoration surgery can be very depressing and often, hair loss patients look worse than they did before any surgery due to "shock loss".  This includes temporary hair loss out of native or previously transplanted hair.  This is why this period of time is referred to as the "doldrums".  But if you were happy with your first procedure and your selected hair loss doctor has a proven track record of success, there is nothing to worry about as the "shocked" hair and new transplanted hair will start to grow between 3-5 months, but full maturation won't be until one year. 

I know the first few months after hair loss restoration surgery can be emotionally difficult and depressing, but try to remain patient as hair growth from is progressive as opposed to other cosmetic surgeries such as brow lifts which are immediate.

Bill - Managing Publisher of the Coalition Hair Loss Learning Center, and the Hair Loss Q & A Blog.
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