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Do I Have to Keep Using Hair Loss Drugs such as Rogaine, Scalp Med, and Propecia in Order For Them to Continue Working? - Wednesday, January 23, 2008


The main question I have about these hair loss products such as Rogaine, Scalpmed, Propecia etc. is assuming they work for me, will I have to continue taking them for life or will I be able to discontinue their use once I regrow hair? In other words, if after 6 months I stop using these hair loss treatments, will all my hair (or most of it) fall out? Thanks.


Unfortunately, there is no cure for hair loss at this time.  Because of this, any non surgical hair loss treatment you choose to use will only be of benefit to you as long as you continue to use it.  In other words, there is no guarantee that Rogaine (minoxidil), Propecia (finasteride), or Scalp Med will work for you however, if they do, stopping these hair loss drugs will result in a loss of all benefit received by them.

Be sure to research the benefits, risks, and limitations of these hair loss drugs and make the decision early on (unless of side effects) whether or not you want to make a commitment to them.

In my opinion, out of the hair loss medication that you've mentioned, I'd suggest Propecia (finasteride) and Rogaine (minoxidil), the two FDA approved hair loss drugs for men.  Scalp Med contains minoxidil and a number of other ingredients that have not been clinically proven to treat hair loss.  Learn more about Scalp Med.

Written and edited by: Bill Seemiller -
Associate Publisher of the Hair Transplant Network and the Hair Loss Learning Center
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