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Is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Really Effective for Treating Hair Loss?

Coalition hair restoration physician Dr. Jerry Cooley is one of the original pioneers of platelet rich plasma (PRP) with regards to hair loss and hair restoration. He has spent over a decade to come up with his current protocol used for his patients today. It is a constantly evolving protocol based on new technologies and developments in the field.

Dr. Cooley is confident in the efficacy of PRP, especially when properly combined with ACell, to help patients that have been deemed good candidates for the treatment. He believes that PRP w/ACell is effective for thickening hair in patients with diffused hair loss and is especially helpful for patients that are otherwise poor surgical candidates due to either poor donor supply or not enough hair loss to justify hair transplant surgery in the first place.

However, Dr. Cooley is becoming more concerned with the apparent explosion of PRP offerings in the marketplace as it seems that every medispa/ plastic surgeon/ dermatologist, etc. is offering the procedure, some with unrealistic claims.

Dr. Cooley and the staff at Carolina Dermatology Haircenter wish to help set the record straight about PRP. We'll be presenting numerous cases of PRP results with varying levels of improvements to show you what you can realistically expect or not expect. Their results have shown that PRP does not need to be administered two, three or four times a year to achieve optimal results. They typically administer one treatment with the expectation that this will be enough for at least one year of improvement.

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