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Will Hair Loss Continue if I Stop Using Rogaine (minoxidil)?- Sunday, February 24, 2008


What happens if i do have hair growth with Rogaine (minoxidil) and then I stop using it? Do I lose the hair that I have regrown? Will I experience additional hair loss?


Rogaine (minoxidil) for hair loss helps to regrow hair for as long as you continue to use this hair loss treatment. Unfortunately, once you stop using Rogaine, you will lose all benefit of hair growth, you will lose the hair you've regrown, and if Rogaine was helping slow down or stop your hair loss, you will continue to go bald once you stop using this hair loss drug.

In my opinion, if Rogaine with minoxidil is working for you to regrow hair, I'd considering sticking with it.

Bill - Associate Publisher of the Hair Transplant Network, the Coalition Hair Loss Learning Center, and the Hair Loss Q & A Blog.
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