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Which is Better: Rogaine Liquid or Rogaine Foam?- Monday, March 10, 2008


Is there any difference between taking Rogaine Liquid and Rogaine Foam for hair loss? If so, what is the difference?


Rogaine foam and Rogaine liquid both contain the active ingredient minoxidil. The difference between them lies in its substance and application. Though both are applied topically in the balding areas, Rogaine Foam appears to be easier to apply as the liquid, in my personal experience, is a bit messy and has a bat habit of running down the entire scalp and face. Rogaine Foam is also typically less irritating on the scalp due to the lack of the ingredient propylene glycol. Some research also indicates that foam, generally speaking, is a better delivery system. The downside is Rogaine foam is typically more expensive than Rogaine liquid. However, many stores sell Rogaine foam for hair loss at discounted prices, so be sure to research online to find an affordable store.

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