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Dr. Aronovitz, a practicing physician and surgeon for over 30 years, has devoted 100% of his time since 1995 to hair transplant surgery. He has performed thousands of procedures utilizing the small graft technique.

Dr. Leonard Aronovitz has been performing large, densely packed sessions of ultra refined follicular unit grafting for over 10 years whos association with Dr. Tessler began in 1994. He is an Osteopathic Physician and Surgeon and performs exclusive hair transplant surgery at Tessler & Aronovitz in the state of Michigan.

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Dr. Aronovitz was in private medical practice from 1969 -1994, specializing in general medicine/general surgery. Also through 1974 - 1994, he was a Professor of Family Medicine at Michigan State University. He now limits his practice to Hair Transplant Surgery.

Tessler & Aronovitz, P.C. has been listed in "The Best Doctors in America", a health professional referral guide compiled by surveying the opinions of 5,000 physicians. They've been awarded the "best" designation annually since 1996.

Dr. Leonard Aronovitz now performs hundreds of follicular unit hair transplant procedures each year. He believes in spending considerable time with potential patients in the role of educator, not salesperson. Like his associate, Dr. Tessler, he feels strongly that if he cannot fulfill an individual's expectations he will not recommend surgery.

Dr Aronovitz utilizes the most effective and advanced surgical methods and is dedicated to ongoing education and refinement of his hair transplant procedure. Dr. Aronovitz strives to meet his patient's short and long-term hair restoration goals and provide them each with the most natural, densely packed result as appropriate. Dr. Aronovitz and his staff offer stellar surgical proficiency in a professional, caring environment.

Patients who have taken the time to resesarch other doctors are often impressed by the startling differences between Tessler and Aronovitz and other clinics. Unlike franchise offices who typically rotate doctors and staff regularly, Dr. Aronovitz offers a private practice with a stable, committed and professional staff in a clean, comfortable environment. His results are consistent and ultra-refined.

Dr. Aronovitz offers free and relaxed in-person consultations to determine which options are best for each patient. He will never operate on a patient he doesn't believe is a good candidate for hair transplantation. Dr. Aronovitz also offers video imaging to prospecctive patients to help them visualize the results he and his dedicated staff can achieve.

Dr. Aronovitz regularly attends medical forums where other experts in the field also gather to exchange the latest data on the continuing advancement of hair replacement technology. Dr. Aronovitz's memberships include the American Academy of Hair Restoration Surgeons, American Osteopathic Association, Oakland County Osteopathic Association, Michigan Association Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons, and Phi Sigma Alpha – American Scholastic: Honor Society.

To learn more about Dr. Leonard Aronovitz, visit their hair restoration website.

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Before transplant - morning of 9/9/11

I began noticing thinning in the crown when I was in my early 30's.  Over the years, it gradually progressed to the point you can see in my "before" pictures.

 I had looked at hair transplants for a very long time, but...


I started noticing i was losing my hair around the age of 19.  It was very minimal and hardly noticeable but I knew it was happening.  My family would joke about it with me because they thought i was paranoid.  Fast forward 11 years,...

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Norwood Class Progression - 12/3/2005.

Dr. Aronovitz gives advice to forum members on advancing hair loss post hair restoration surgery.

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Leading Clinic in Detroit - Dr. Tessler and Dr. Aronovitz - 12/3/2005.

"Both Dr. Tessler and his associate Dr. Aronovitz have been exclusively performing hair transplantation for over ten years. They have been very involved in the evolution of follicular unit grafting and now perform highly refined follicular unit grafting..."

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