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“Before and Afters” – Hair Loss Pictures

Our patient hair loss photos and restoration gallery will help you understand what you may be able to accomplish, given your level of hair loss level and the number of grafts or surgeries. They may also hint at the changes hair restoration can bring to your outlook and life.

We have a total of 2490 hair loss patients in our gallery.

Click on a category below to view hair loss and restoration photos.

All Male images, with hair loss before and after hair surgery.
hair transplant results

This gallery shows all male hair loss cases, mostly showing results where their procedure used the latest Follicular Unit Transplant method. This results in a very natural hairline which, in most cases, is undetectable.

Female hair loss, before and after photos.
Female hair restoration photo gallery

Female hair loss and restoration procedures are not as common, however we have an excellent gallery showcasing real women with hair loss and their total natural looking hair restoration results.

Hair Transplant Repairs
hair transplant repair - gefore and after photos

These older hair restoration procedures can be prepared to disguise and even remove those old "hair plugs", giving the patient a natural look.

Hair restoration by Norwood Scale

Class 2

Class 2A

Class 3 Class 3A Class 3V Class 4

Class 4A

Class 5

Class 5A Class 5V Class 6 Class 7
Showing the results of different levels of hair loss and what can be achieved.

Hair Transplant to other areas of the Body
Hair Transplant to other areas of the body

Hair Restoration to other areas of the body, such as beards, eyebrows even eyelashes.

Non Caucasian Hair Transplant photos

This gallery includes people from multiple ethnic groups, including Asian, African, Eastern European and others. There have been many questions about the feasibility of performing hair transplants from other ethnic groups as there are some differences in the way hair grows and the shape of the hair.

View results by hair transplant procedure - FUT/Strip or FUE
Follicular Unit Transplant (Strip)

Hair follicles are harvested from the back of the head in a strip, cut into natural groupings and transplanted to the recipients site.

Follicular Unit Extraction
FUE Gallery

The process of extracting individual follicular groups, in their natural grouping and transplanting them to the recipient area

Also View Post Surgical Photos Posted by Leading Hair Loss Surgeons

To view hundreds of additional photos, including immediately after surgery, visit the discussion forum "Results Posted by Leading Hair Loss Doctors".

View Photos Uploaded by Actual Hair Loss Patients

We also encourage you to visit our hair loss discussion forum to view photos posted by actual patients. You can also then share experiences and ideas with them.

You can also view Hair Loss Websites created by actual hair loss patients. These blogs contain photos journals documenting a person's hair loss and restoration process. Often you can email these website authors.

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