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How to Evaluate Hair Loss Treatments

19 November, 2007


Many hair loss sufferers come to our hair restoration forum seeking hair loss help wondering which treatments work for hair loss. We all want to regrow hair however, the problem is there are so many hair loss treatments on the market, it's virtually impossible to know which one's work and which one's don't. This article will explain how to evaluate hair loss treatments for yourself in order to make a proper conclusion as to whether or not a treatment is worth considering. Read More

Hair Restoration and Age:  Am I Too Young?

15 November, 2007


Many young hair loss sufferers seeking hair loss help come to our discussion forum community asking about hair restoration surgery. Though hair restoration surgery may be an option, there are several things to consider. The truth is, that young hair loss sufferers, especially those who just started to lose hair are typically not candidates for surgery... Read More

Hair Transplant Costs: How Much Will I Pay for a Hair Transplant?

12 November, 2007


A very common question asked by hair loss sufferers seeking hair restoration treatments is about the cost of a hair transplant. The cost of surgical hair restoration will vary on a number of variables including the hair loss clinic chosen, the number of follicular unit grafts excised/inserted (dependent upon a patient's hair restoration goals), and the type of surgery performed. Read More

Are the Results from Surgical Hair Restoration Permanent?

6 November, 2007


The reason why hair restoration is often a viable option for those suffering from androgenetic alopecia (genetic hair loss) is because implanted hair is permanent. By removing hair from the donor area (the sides and back of the head) in an area referred to as the "safe zone", a quality hair loss doctor... Read More

What should I Consider When Researching Hair Restoration?

1 November, 2007


There is a lot to consider when researching hair restoration. The key to a successful hair restoration experience is research and education. This will lead to the selection of a first-rate hair loss doctors who will ultimately have your best interest at heart. Read this article to see a number of considerations to evaluate before undergoing hair surgery. Read More

Low Level Laser Therapy approved by the FDA for Hair Loss.  Does It Really Work?

29 October, 2007


A hot debate on our hair restoration discussion forum has been whether or not low level laser therapy works as a hair loss treatment. Though it has recently been FDA approved as a hair loss treatment - what does FDA approval really mean? What are well respected hair restoration physicians saying about low level laser therapy? Read More

Is Hair Shedding a Sign of Hair Loss

25 October, 2007


Hair Shedding is a normal part of the hair growth cycle. However - at what point can one determine whether or not hair shedding could be an indication of genetic hair loss? This article will explain the normal hair growth cycle and signs to look for that might indicate hereditary hair loss. Read More

Measuring Female Hair Loss

21 October, 2007


Hair loss is often thought to be a condition that only men experience, however there are over 20 million women that experience hereditary hair loss in the United States alone. The Ludwig and Savin Scale is intended as a measurement tool for women who suffer from Androgenetic Alopecia (female pattern baldness) to determine their level of balding. Read More

Hair Loss is in the Genes

19 October, 2007


There are several types of hair loss however, the most common type is genetic hair loss. Hair follicles are genetically programmed - and therefore, Androgenic Alopecia (hereditary hair loss) is caused by the genes. Here you will read how hereditary hair loss works and and hair loss treatments available. Read More

Propecia or Avodart, which inhibits the hair loss causing effects of DHT best?

17 October, 2007


Hereditary hair loss will affect about half of the American male population. Luckily, in the past few years there have been drug treatments developed that can slow down, completely stop, or even reverse hair loss in some men. While there is still no cure for hair loss, drugs such as Propecia or Avodart have given many men hope for holding on to the hair they have and maybe even regaining some of what they lost. When considering a medicinal regimen, many hair loss sufferers find themselves asking which medication is right for them. This article will help you understand how both Propecia and Advodart inhibit the development of DHT, which acts as the active ingrediant in male pattern baldness. The relative advantages and disadvantages of these hair loss treatments will also be compared, as well as their potential side effects. Read More

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