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Low Level Laser Therapy approved by the FDA for Hair Loss. Does It Really Work?

The efficacy of low level laser therapy is a hot topic on our hair loss discussion forums, especially since laser therapy has just been FDA approved for hair loss.

One thing that a hair loss sufferer needs to understand is that the laser comb and other low level laser therapy devices have been around for a long time. Why has the FDA just recently approved this device?

What is FDA approval for medical devices? Whereas finasteride and minoxodil were both approved by the FDA for safety and efficacy, laser technology may have only been approved for safety. Apparently, FDA approval works differently for medical devices than for medication. For more information on how FDA approval works.

Some hair loss doctors use laser therapy as a means to help with the healing process right after hair surgery, and yet there are others that are offering it as a way to treat hair loss. Does it really work for hair loss? To date, many hair restoration physicians are buying into it.

However there are some well respected hair loss doctors that remain skeptical. Dr. Alan Feller of Great Neck, NY and one of our well respected coalition physicians is one such doctor.

But Dr. Feller is not the only doctor who is reluctant to buy into laser therapy as a hair loss treatment. Dr. Hugh Rushton “an expert in hair loss” states that he won’t believe that hair loss can be cured by lasers until he sees the proof. “No evidence that I know of shows that laser therapy works.” Later in the video he states: “I have not see any peer information that it works” while referring to laser therapy. Medical Doctors are under ethical obligation to share and pass on any breakthroughs to their peers. You can watch the following video and draw your own conclusions here.

Dr. Bauman, a hair restoration surgeon believes that it might have some effectiveness in combating hair loss.

At the recent ISHRS conference of 2007, low level laser therapy was discussed. Apparently there was a small private study presented to the FDA for efficacy but it has not released to the public. The obvious question one would have to ask therefore is why?

Currently to date, I have not seen any compelling evidence that reveals the efficacy of laser therapy as a hair loss treatment but I am willing to keep an open mind. I suppose if it really works, with enough time and enough use of laser technology - there should be visual proof as public evidence available. Until such a time, I do not feel comfortable recommending this treatment as a hair loss remedy.