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Revian Clinical Trial Results Prove It May Reverse Hair Loss Or Does It?

A randomized, double-blind study conducted to show and prove the efficacy of a laser cap that treats male pattern baldness has just finished the trials, with promising results. REVIAN is a laser cap system used to stop and reverse hair loss. The cap uses LED lights to stimulate hair growth, and the lights also generate nitric oxide in the body. In this article, we will be discussing the REVIAN RED system for it's potential to treat androgenic alopecia. 

What Did The Clinical Trials Say? 

According to the study, participants used the REVIAN system for 10 minutes per day. The cap used a patented combination of patented LED-diodes of 620 nanometers and 660 nanometers. The 16- week study showed that participants in the study gained an average of 21 hairs per square centimeter (cm2). 

A professor at Melbourne University, Dr. Sinclair, served as the leading researcher for this clinical trial. He said: "We specifically designed this clinical trial with the rigor of a pharmaceutical trial. We used placebo caps. Participants and evaluators were blinded, and as an outcome, we can trust these results."

At the end of the clinical trial, the results showed that an average hair count increase of 26.3 hairs per cm2 in the REVIAN hair system group. The hair count for the placebo group was not mentioned or disclosed. However, one can assume that the laser cap was more effective. 

What's The Cost Of A REVIAN RED System?

According to reports, the REVIAN RED system is going to be around $995, which includes a wireless laser cap that is controlled by a mobile smart app. Their main competitors CapillusPRO sell their cap at about $999; another well-known company called iRestore sells their laser cap for significantly cheaper at $695 per cap. 


The study leaves a lot to be desired; for one, there's no mention of the placebo results. Second, the study does not mention whether the study is being funded by the parent company KNOW Bio. Typically, reviews funded by companies are not unbiased. Now, that doesn't mean the product won't work, but for close to $1,000, you could buy a year supply of Rogaine (minoxidil) and Propecia (finasteride), and probably get better results.