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Topical Ketamousse for Hair Loss


I was browsing for some information on ketoconazole (Nizoral) and I came across this;

"Ketoconazole is also available as a topical mousse, using patented Versafoam technology, marketed under the brand name Ketomousse. In clinical studies, the Versafoam proved to be a superior mechanism of delivery to the shampoo. Currently it is only available in Europe."

Has anyone had any experience with this?


Offhand, I've never heard of Ketomousse. However, it sounds a lot like Extina - which I believe was one of the first topical ketoconazole treatments using versafoam technology. Extina has been approved by the FDA for seborrheic dermatitis and is only available by prescription. However, it can be purchased in the United States, unlike Ketamousse.

Honestly, I believe topical ketoconazole is superior to shampoo versions such as Nizoral and Revita, simply because it has much more time to absord into the scalp than a shampoo that's washed out after a few minutes tops.

Bill  - Managing Publisher