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What Causes Hair Loss

Did My Man Bun Hairstyle Cause Traction Alopecia Hair Loss?


Hi guys! I want to share my story because I have no idea what kind of hair loss I have. Ok so I had a man bun from mid August 2015 to November 23 2015. I would wear it tight 5 days a week.

I decided to cut it off because my dad started to notice I was losing hair, then I went online and found out that having a man bun or wearing a hairstyle too tight leads to traction alopecia. So right away I cut my hair short and I noticed I had diffused thinning on the top part of my scalp. But, I read traction alopecia affects the temple and hairline. My hairline and temples are fine so it can't be traction alopecia.

None of my hair that I had before the man bun has returned. I use to have a thick head of hair and I'm only 21. So then I thought I had telogen effluvium because I went through a stressful event in the summer that affected my life. But I read that as soon as the hair sheds a new hair grows back and it has been 4 months since I cut my man bun off and I have yet to see any new hair growth. So now I don't know what kind of hair loss I have and I would like to know what you guys think I have. I just want my hair to fill in at the top and front part of my scalp. 


Having a man bun for a few months would not likely cause the type of hair loss you have. At age 21 genetic balding would usually start in the hairline, temporal or crown areas. Not where your thinning has occurred.

This might still be temporary. You could consider laser treatments or a short course of Rogaine (minoxidil) to try and jump-start some new growth. Does genetic hair loss run in your family? if so, what type of pattern?

Dr. Glenn Charles


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