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Do Hair Replacement Systems Work?


I am looking to get a hair system before I go completely bald. Do they work? Can I get a one custom made? Where is a good place to buy them?


Hair replacement systems can be a viable option to cover or conceal hair loss. However, the ones that look natural are typically quite expensive and high maintenance.

As you are doing your research, be careful not to be confused by fancy jargon or technical terms. Deception in marketing is everywhere so it's important to read all disclaimers. Even the most natural hair replacement system is a wig to cover baldness. In my opinion, some manufacturers make high quality hair replacement systems that can look natural with continual upkeep.

In my opinion, the best way to learn about them is to speak with former or current hair piece wearers and get their honest feedback. I trust that you will be able to find some on our hair loss forum.