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Hair Loss and Hypothyroidism: Will My Hair Grow Back Again?


Hi, I have been suffering from hair loss for at least 3 years. I was using minoxidil then last year I started to lose more hair. I had a blood test 4 months back and it was found I had a Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) level of 11 (hypothyroid). Now my TSH levels are normal again but I am not sure how long I was hypothyroid (could be years).

My question is; how long does it take to recover from thyroid related hair loss?


I’m happy to hear that your TSH levels are normal again. In some cases, the hair may never be as full as it once was after a thyroid disorder but it's very rare for hypothyroidism to result in permanent balding.

Hair growth after a thyroid disorder can take three months to start. Once you begin to regrow hair, it may take several more months to restore fullness.

David (TakingThePlunge)
Editorial Assistant and Forum Co-Moderator