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Why Isn't Topical Finasteride and Dutasteride More Popular?

6 April, 2021


Finasteride has been around for over twenty years. In comparison, topical finasteride has only been around for a few years. Topical treatments are becoming more popular but may never be as popular as oral medications. Read More

How To Stop Hair Loss

1 September, 2020


The most common form of hair loss is genetic. The cause of hereditary hair loss is a hormone called DHT. The only way to truly stop hair loss is to inhibit this hormone. Read More

Can Mesotherapy Treat Hair Loss?

23 July, 2020


There are dozens of treatments that treat hair loss, but most are ineffective. A new treatment called Mesotherapy has been gaining some traction, but does it work? Click on the article to find out. Read More

Top 3 Best Hair Loss Solutions in 2020

25 June, 2020


Hair loss is a pandemic that goes ignored by mainstream media, but it affects millions of men and women all around the world. What are the best treatments? Click on the article to find out. Read More

Can Onion Juice Stop Hair Loss?

30 March, 2020


If you've losing hair, you have no doubt come across the notion that onion juice and revamp those vanishing locks, but is it true? Click on the article to find out. Read More

Nurse Practitioners Could Be Performing Hair Transplants If Bill Passes

17 February, 2020


A bill may pass that allows Nurse Practitioners to work autonomously without physician supervision. A bill like this could mean that it's only a matter of time before Nurse Practitioners start performing surgeries. Click on the article to learn more. Read More

Accountability Is Vital For The Hair Transplant Industry

6 February, 2020


The hair transplant industry was unregulated and unmonitored for years. Now, there are some sites upholding accountability, but few patients know about the importance of responsibility for actions. Click on the article to learn more. Read More

Revian Clinical Trial Results Prove It May Reverse Hair Loss Or Does It?

24 January, 2020


REVIAN is formerly known as PhotonMD, has released data from their clinical trials; some are calling the results miraculous. Click on the article for more information. Read More

3 steps to regrow hair in your 20ís!

27 May, 2018


Going bald can have a deep, psychological impact on men of any age, but especially in young men in their 20's. In this article, we will discuss a few options that will provide you with the tools to fight hair loss and win . Read More

WAY-316606, A New Possible Hair Loss Cure?

10 May, 2018


Is WAY-316606 a new possible hair loss cure? What do the researchers say? In this article, see how this new miracle growth drug speeds up growth of healthy hair and why researchers think it could potentially be a breakthrough in finding a hair loss cure. Read More

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