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Hair Loss Myths

Hair Loss Myth: Balding Men and Women Should Use a Brush Not a Comb

Haiir loss sufferers seeking help are often fooled by the number of myths circulating both on and offline. In order for balding men and women to successfully restore their hair, they must first learn which type of hair loss they are affected by and the cause of their hair loss.

Using a brush instead of a comb to prevent hair loss has been a long time hair loss myth. There is no evidence to suggest that combing through your hair is going to facilitate or expedite any kind of balding let alone Androgenic Alopecia (genetic male or female pattern baldness). Despite what you may have heard, combing your hair does not cause irreversible baldness.

Balding men and women need not worry about whether to use a comb or a brush. Both are safe. A comb however, may be a slightly better option for overall hair care especially since a bristle brush is more likely to cause split ends thus making the hair unhealthy.

Though hair loss can be due to a number of medical conditions, the most common is hereditary.  Genetic hair loss can be treated non surgically with Propecia (finasteride) and Rogaine 5% (minoxidil) Surgical hair restoration may also be a viable option for those balding men and women who are qualified. Be sure to consult with a quality hair loss doctor to learn more about hair replacement surgery.