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Hair Loss Myths

Hair Loss Myth: Stress Causes Genetic Hair Loss

As a hair loss sufferer starts researching the causes of baldness and real hair restoration treatments, it starts to become obvious the contradictory information that is out there. What is the real cause of hair loss? Which hair loss drugs are effective in regrowing hair?

One such hair loss myth to be found out there is that stress causes genetic hair loss. Though there are extremely rare circumstances when certain types of traumatic stress can cause sudden hair loss, the every day normal stressors of life will not cause male pattern baldness (MPB) or female pattern baldness (FPB).  Examples of every day stressors are work related stress, financial concerns (paying the mortgage in a timely fashion, receiving the next pay check, etc), physical fitness (though physical fitness can be considered a stress reliever it is also an added stress on the body), and punctuality (getting to work on time, getting the kids to school on time, waiting for someone to pick you up).

The type of hair loss caused by traumatic stress is not related to genetics at all. In fact, it is typically characterized by sudden hair shedding, in many cases, all over the scalp (like telogen effluvium) as opposed to a specific hair loss pattern such as the norwood scale or ludwig scale typical of those suffering from genetic hair loss. It is possible that traumatic or tremendous stressors may help facilitate hair loss for those who are already susceptible to hereditary baldness however, stress will not initiate or cause it.