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Hair Loss Myths

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16 June, 2016


The onset of hair loss can be a stressful time in a person's life. While there are numerous conditions that can lead to thinning hair, more often than not, the culprit is androgentic alopecia (genetic balding). Read More

23 August, 2012


To begin with, I want to stress that hair length has absolutely no impact on the rate of balding. This is a common hair loss myth. Read More

25 July, 2012


It is a popular hair loss myth that normal hair coloring can lead to balding. While excessive color treating or chemical processing of any kind can damage hair and lead to breakage, it should not affect long-term hair growth. Read More

2 February, 2011


Unfortunately, there is no reliable way to predict if, when or how hair loss may affect you. Doctors can make some assumptions by observing your family history but androgenic alopecia (genetic balding) can be genetically inherited from either side of the family. Read More

24 June, 2010


It is a common misconception that hair loss is always inherited from the mother's side of the family. In truth, genetic balding can be inherited from either parent and can even skip a generation. Read More

16 March, 2010


In doing research on this subject, Iíve seen no evidence to suggest that weight lifting and healthy living can cause hair loss. The only question is whether or not such a small and temporary boost in testosterone during oneís workout can produce more DHT, potentially accelerating pattern baldness. I'd suggest... Read More

12 April, 2009


There is as much proof that hanging upside down can prevent or reverse hair loss as hanging from a swing set can make you taller. Though some have conjectured that Rogaine works in part by increasing blood circulation to the scalp and stimulating hair follicles, Rogaine's efficacy is still a bit of a mystery. Read More

19 March, 2009


This is an age old hair loss myth and still believed today by many. You are safe to wear any hat you'd like without risking losing any hair. Of course, if you are suffering from genetic male pattern baldness, you will lose hair susceptible to DHT... Read More

12 November, 2008


Since I was a teenager, I've heard that wearing a hat for an extended period of time can cause hair loss. But after researching various hair loss facts and myths, I'm pleased to say that wearing a hat cannot cause or facilitate baldness. Feel free to... Read More

26 May, 2008


Despite what you may have read, sodium laurel sulfate (SLS) does not cause or facilitate genetic hair loss. If this was true, every man and woman would be bald. This cheap ingredient may not necessarily be helpful to the hair, but it helps turn a shampoo gel into a... Read More

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