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Can Rogaine for Hair Loss Be Used on Other Parts of the Body?

Rogaine is a hair growth stimulant and has only been tested and FDA approved for hair loss on the scalp, more specifically, the balding crown. It is not a DHT inhibitor and does nothing to technically stop the progression of male pattern baldness which occurs when DHT attacks the hair follicles. Rogaine does work however, but stimulating hair follicles that are affected by DHT and somehow (nobody really knows exactly how) fights against the natural balding process. Thus, Rogaine has been largely effective in many men and women and has been one of the very few effective hair loss treatments on the market. But does Rogaine (minoxidil) also work to thicken hair elsewhere other than the scalp?

Technically, since unwanted body hair growth has been found to be a reported side effect especially in women who use the stronger 5% minoxidil, Rogaine can and may enhance body hair growth by making it thicker and darker.

Keep in mind that no medication, Rogaine or otherwise grows hair follicles. In other words, if no hair follicle exists beneath the surface of the skin, Rogaine will not produce hair where no follicle exists.

Technically, a Rogaine consumer can use it anywhere. But just be aware that the potential of side effects applies not only to when minoxidil is applied to the scalp.

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