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How Hair Loss Forums Revolutionized The Hair Transplant Industry

Since the early 2000's the hair loss industry saw a big boom in business, the main reason for the increase in business was the internet and the advent of hair loss forums. The days of picking up the phone book and going to any hair transplant surgeon  were long gone, now prospective patients were able to see and speak with real hair transplant patients in real time. Additionally, with the advent of hair loss forums came hair transplant surgeon accountability, because now a hair transplant surgeons work could be documented for the world to see, this caused a refinement of surgical techiniques and skill. In this article, we will discuss how hair loss forums came to exist and how they reshaped the entire hair loss industry.

Hair Loss Forum Rise To Fame

During the mid to late 90's a few hair transplant surgeons began to refine their skill and technique, but some surgeons were still practicing and performing outdated surgical techniques. The difference in skill and technique became apparent with the advent of hair loss forums. In the early 2000's hair loss forums began to gain in popularity, because many hair transplant patients that had procedures in the 80's and 90's began to seek repair and refinement. Once patients started sharing their stories and testimonials the hair loss forum not only became the most credible source of information and research, but also the only place patients could see which doctor was performing ultra-refined hair restoration with consistent successful results.

Hair Restoration Revolution

Shortly after hair loss forums rose to fame, the difference in skill, talent, experience and ethics betweeen hair transplant surgeons became clearly visible. Fortunately, this allowed ethical and talented hair transplant surgeons to prosper and created a quality standard throughout the entire hair restoration industry and community. However, the hair transplant surgeons who did not meet the new standards put forth through hair loss forums quickly closed shop, because prospective patients could now see what a refined hair transplant should look like and what an outdated un-refined hair transplant looks like. 

Hair Loss Forum Accreditation

After patients began shairing their testimonials online and posting before and after photos of their results, the hair loss forum became a community to share information, credible knowledge and surgeon accreditation. Fast forward to today, hair loss forums such as the Hair Restoration Network Discussion Forum run like an ivy league university, because physicians that are approved must meet and maintain a high degree of patient satisfaction. In addition, on this forum patients are free to critique physicians and hold them accountable for their actions publicly, the forum is run and moderated by hair restoration patients. Hair transplant surgeons who go through the rigorous vetting process and become approved by the community know that their patients are free to post their experience on this popular hair loss forum. Not only does this ensure the quality and ethics of the surgeon is maintained, but this transparent environment has lead to innoavation and refinement througout the years.

However, not every hair loss forum operates the same way, there are several hair loss forums that do not allow their members to post any negative reviews about a surgoen publicly, the reviews must be submitted privately with the forum owners and the surgeon in question. Unfortunately, this modus of operandi does not hold hair transplant surgeons accountable, because the hair loss forum is not transparent thus hair transplant surgeons are not held publicly accountable. Much like universities there are different standards of acceptance and accreditation between different hair loss forums. However, over the past decade the gold standard has been the hair transplant network.


Hair loss forums are the best way to research a particular hair transplant clinic/physician, because prospective patients have the ability to communicate with real patients and view reviews and results that are not cherry picked. Sadly, even fellow hair transplant patients have been known to submit deceptive photos in order to make their result look better or worse. There have been some patients who have submitted their results with hair loss concealer on their scalp, this gives the viewer the false impression that the apperance is the result of the hair transplant alone. However, some patients will intentionally spread their hair apart in an attempt to make their result look worse. Some patients even go so far as to wet their hair, so that more scalp is visible giving the viewer the impression of a low density hair transplant result. With that said, this is a small minority patients and the overwhelming majority of patients post their  honest before and after photos and share their genuine experience.

Written and published by,

Melvin- Editorial Assistant and Forum Co-Moderator for the Hair Transplant Network and The Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians