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Are All Low-Cost Hair Transplant Clinics Bad?

The hair loss industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, but the vast majority of hair loss sufferers spending their hard earned money on hair loss treatments are working class individuals. Thus, it is no surprise at how quickly low-cost hair transplant clinics have grown over the last few years. Medical tourism is growing in popularity each year, most patients are simply looking for an affordable procedure. In this article, we will discuss medical tourism and low-cost hair transplant clinics.

Why Is Hair Restoraiton So Expensive?

Hair transplant surgery is a refined surgical techinque that takes years to practice and master and only a select few hair transplant surgeons produce excellent patient results regularly. In the 80's and 90's hair transplant surgeons were only able to transplant a few hundred grafts per surgical session, this limited surgical fatigue and gave the surgeon the ability to perform the entire surgery by themsleves. However, in the late 90's and early 2000's the hair restoration was revolutionized with the advent of Hair Loss Forums. Now the new surgical model included several technicians assisting the surgeon in dissecting and transplanting the grafts, this gave surgeons the ability to transplant thousands of grafts as opposed to a few hundred. Naturally, the more grafts patients have transplanted, the more work and additional staffing needed for the procedure itself.

So Are Low-Cost Clinics Worth It?

Unfortunately, there is no clear cut answer, it is not as simple as saying yes or no. Not every surgeon/clinic is created equal and the medical standards vary from country to country. However, the majority of low-cost clinics are numbers driven, because they must operate on several patients a day to maintain high profits. Now this doesn't mean that a numbers driven clinic or surgeon are incapable of producing good results, but the risk of a sub-par results are higher with this business model. The majority of low-cost clinics do not have a hair transplant surgeon on site monitoring the surgeries, most if not all of the surgery is performed by technicians. This leaves patients with little to no recourse if their procedure does not turn out as they expected. With that said, many developing nations have highly skilled and qualified hair transplant surgeons, but these clinics will always have a hair transplant surgeon on site monitoring and performing different aspects of the surgical procedure.


Not all low-cost hair transplant clinics are bad, just like not all expensive hair transplant clinics are good. Finding a skilled, talented and experienced hair restoration physician with a proven track record of producing excellent patient results requires thorough and extensive research. This is why accreditation is so important, because much like ivy-league univerisities, it is extremely difficult to be approved by an organization like The Hair Transplant Network. Many hair transplant surgeons request approval, but only a select few meet the strict and demanding high standards set-forth by The Hair Transplant Network. 

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Melvin- Editorial Assistant and Forum Co-Moderator for the Hair Transplant Network and The Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians