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Hair Loss Treatments

Is Nanogen Effective in Treating Hair Loss?

Men and women experiencing hair loss are always looking for legitimate treatments. Nanogen is one such product that has been mentioned on the hair loss forums recently as a possible "treatment" for hair loss so we thought we'd share more about what we learned about Nanogen.

What is Nanogen?

Nanogen is a topical concealer, much like Toppik, DermMatch, and Couvre and is designed to camoflauge hair loss and provide the appearance of a fuller, thicker head of hair instantly. Concealers need to be applied daily to maximize the illusion of fullness and are easily washed out with daily shampooing.

Are Topical Concealers Considered Hair Loss Treatments?

It's debatable as to whether or not topical concealers can be considered treatments for hair loss. The word "ttreatment" implies a resolution of some kind of condition. Nanogen and other conealors do temporarily resolve hair loss by masking it and providing an illusion of hair. But because it's temporary and doesn't produce real, natural hair, concealors don't typically fall in the same category as other treatments such as Propecia (finasteride) and Rogaine (minoxidil). Propecia and Rogaine work differently but progressively to either maintain existing natural hair or produce nonimal hair regrowth in areas of applicaiton. Propecia works by fighting against DHT while Rogaine works by stimulating hair follicles underneath the surface of the scalp. These progressive treatments cause real hair to grow rather than a concealer which only produces the illusion of hair.

The ultimate goal for hair loss suffering men and women is to restore a head of natural looking hair and feel better about themselves. And even though Nanogen and other concealers only mimic the the illusion of restored natural looking hair between shampooing and application, it certainly can help increase confidence when the product is applied.

Many balding men and women use these topical hair loss concealers quite effectively in conjunction with treatments designed to stop the progression of pattern baldness like the ones we mentioned above. Note that concealers work a lot better in areas of thinning hair than completely bald areas since the keratin fibers bond to the existing hairs making them appear thicker.

Bill - Managing Publisher