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29 June, 2010


Miniaturization mapping can reveal thinning that is not yet visible to the naked eye and, in doing so, it can help determine where your hair loss is heading. Read More

9 May, 2010


Consider DHT (dihydrotestosterone) like employees who work for management of a construction firm. When management decides itís time for DHT to perform the follicular demolition work which facilitates hair loss, DHT will be hard at work. In this case, management is your genetics. Genetic hair loss starts at... Read More

5 May, 2010


At your young age and what appears to sound like aggressive hair loss, I wouldnít think you are a candidate for hair loss and restoration surgery, at least not yet. Itís good that you are already taking Propecia (finasteride) and I encourage you to consider complementing it with Rogaine (minoxidil) to... Read More

11 April, 2010


It sounds like your brother is experiencing alopecia areata, a hair loss condition characterized by random bald patches on the scalp and possibly other parts of the body. Alopecia areata is typically caused by an autoimmunity disorder in which the bodyís own immune system attacks the hair follicles. In many cases, this hair loss condition is... Read More

8 March, 2010


Wetting the hair often exposes problem spots, but this can also exacerbate the appearance of perceived balding in otherwise intact areas. If you have naturally fine hair characteristics, you'll always notice some degree of scalp see-through when your head is soaking wet. However, men suffering from male pattern baldness can lose up to 50% of their original native density... Read More

6 March, 2010


Some men still retain remnants of their juvenile hairline and experience thinning throughout the rest of the scalp; this balding pattern has been identified as the Persistent Anterior Fringe. Hair loss is largely unpredictable, and not everyone is going to follow the Norwood... Read More

6 January, 2010


What people are saying about losing up to 100 hairs daily is true. However, if you've noticed a significant increase in the number of hairs shedding or you are seeing visual signs of thinning hair, you may be experiencing early onset of male pattern baldness. On the other hand, if you are losing hair from the sides and back of your scalp... Read More

20 December, 2009


Hair loss is progressive and unpredictable. How much hair you'll lose and how long it will take without medical treatment can't be determined. However, you can potentially beat your genetics by using proven non-surgical hair loss products early. Propecia (finasteride) and Rogaine (minoxidil) are... Read More

27 October, 2009


It sounds like you might have some kind of scalp infection. If you're experiencing male pattern baldness, hair loss treatments like Propecia (finasteride) and Rogaine (minoxidil) are often quite effective in helping patients keep the existing hair they have. Scalp infection related hair loss can... Read More

21 October, 2009


People who start treating their hair loss early have a much better chance at keeping the existing hair they have and preventing further progression of baldness. In my opinion, research Propecia (finasteride) and consult a doctor to learn about... Read More

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