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Finding excellent in-depth information about hair loss, beyond infomercials and brochures, can be difficult. This area provides you with in-depth articles and papers written by some of the foremost hair restoration physicians in the world.

Designing Hairlines

Hair loss in Women

Follicular Grafts

The hairline should restore symmetry, harmony, and proportion to the face without being perceived as artificial or unnatural. The trick is to establish a static hairline that by its shape and location will appear....

Hair loss in women is culturally unacceptable despite the fact that up to 40% of the female population experience some hair loss in their lifetime. It is not uncommon, but the stigma attached to female ....

All forms of hair restoration surgery involve redistribution of existing hair follicles. No form of surgery will provide more hair follicles than those that currently exist. Therefore the success of hair restoration surgery ....

Creating a Natural Hairline

Correction of Corn Row Hair Transplants

Guidelines for Hair Transplantation in the Young Patient

Creating a natural hairline is one of the most important elements of a successful hair transplant. Our ability to create naturalness has dramatically increased in recent years due to the development of more....

Hair on the top of a man’s head is an important emblem of health, youth, and vitality. As in all areas of cosmetic surgery the refinements of surgical technique and instrumentation have improved the results....

The young man who is losing his hair is a challenge to the hair transplant surgeon. He is often extremely distressed about his follicular future and the initial consultation must balance the patient's emotions with the reality of his hair loss....

Hair Transplantation in Women:
A Practical New Classification System and Review of Technique


Follicular Unit Transplant Method

James E. Vogel, MD
Alopecia in women is often overlooked as a major cosmetic problem. For women with hair loss, the psychological effects are often more severe than for men. Advances in modern hair transplantation have allowed successful hair restoration....
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Surgical hair restoration has followed a logical course to follicular unit transplantation. The concept of redistributing hair in naturally occurring units of 1-4 hairs exactly as nature grows it should have been recognized and used by the hair transplant....

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