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Pat's Bald Recovery Story -
Turning his lemon into everyone's lemonade

Before and after hair restoration treatment
Then and Now
Pat, Publisher of this site

Just a few years ago Pat was bald and depressed. He experimented with lotions, pills, and even hair systems before finally surgically restoring his own real growing hair.

Today, as the publisher of the Hair Loss Learning Center and the Hair Transplant Network , he helps others to cut past the hype to find quality hair loss treatments and doctors so they can achieve the same great results.

What began with just one patient and one great physician has grown into a very popular and respected online community of hundreds of satisfied hair loss patients and dozens of outstanding hair loss doctors.

Working in collaboration the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians has sponsored this website and other resources so that hair loss sufferers can share information and explore all their treatment options in-depth.

Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians

The physician members of our Coalition are carefully reviewed and granted membership based strictly on their high level of integrity, skill, experience, and the quality of their patient results. They all operate independently. Yet they are united in their commit to excellent patient education and results.

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