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Hiar Loss, Pat's personal account of his “Recovery” from baldness.

Chapter 1) My Bald Life Undercover

For me going bald was like dying of a heart attack. It was something that one expects to only happen to older people. So when my hair loss became noticeable at age 25, I felt cheated of my youth.

At first I tried hair loss treatments like prescription Minoxidil (before the days of over the counter Rogaine). But after a few months I noticed no improvements. So I quit using Rogaine and my hair loss really took off.

So finally, I decided to cheat fate by wearing a hair piece or a “hair system” if you prefer. It could pass for natural, as long as it didn’t encounter a strong wind or anyone’s fingers.

Wearing a hair replacement system
My “Hair System” could look natural. But it often didn’t feel natural.

Chapter 2) Surgically restoring my own real hair

Hair restoration consultation

After several years of fearing the wind, water, or my girl friend I decided to look into hair restoration surgery. I was wary given the "corn row" results I'd seen in public. But I was introduced to a new hair transplant procedure called "follicular unit hair transplantation". This very refined procedure transplanted hair follicles just as they grew, in follicular units of 1, 2, 3, and 4 hairs.

I chose an experienced hair restoration physician who was an early pioneer in doing microscopically prepared follicular unit grafting. This decision proved to be one the best personal choices I ever made.

Hair loss and recovery
From too much hair, to way too little, to just right!

After three sessions of about 1,400 grafts each, over the course of a year and a half, I was able to transition from my hair system into my own naturally growing hair. To this day I have yet to have a barber or stylist notice that I did hair transplant surgery. But I always enjoy telling them.

Chapter 3) Spreading the Good Word about Hair Restoration

Like a new born again Christian, I wanted to share my experience and save other balding souls. I put a simple website called the “Recovering Bald Guy” site together to share my story. This site stood out from all the clinical brochure websites and became very popular. Soon I was getting emails from dozens of hair loss sufferers each day looking for an excellent hair loss and restoration physician in their area.

before and after hair restoration surgery
Hair transplant surgery finally works!

I attended international hair transplantation conferences and researched surgeons to determine who provides patients with excellent results. In time, I created a new hair loss community dedicated to helping hair loss sufferers learn about these outstanding physicians and share information. This web community is called the Hair Transplant Network.

Today, working in collaboration with leading hair loss physicians, we have created this Hair Loss Learning Center and other empowering resources. I think this website is a vast evolution beyond the Hair Transplant Network and provides much better information and resources to hair loss sufferers.

I intend to continue helping hair loss sufferers find treatments and physicians who produce proven results.

Patrick Hennessey
“Recovering Bald Guy” and publisher of this website