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1 April, 2017


The hair loss drug Propecia (Finasteride)​ is one of only two clinically proven and FDA approved medications for the treatment of androgenic alopecia. But, is it safe? Read More

16 March, 2017


The cure for baldness is only 5 years away! If you've been balding for a while, you have probably heard that one before. In fact, a hair loss cure has been "only 5 years away" for at least the past 20 years and probably a lot longer than that. Read More

22 January, 2017


Propecia (1mg finasteride) is the most effective FDA approved medical treatment for male pattern baldness currently available. ​However, it can be difficult for some to afford the monthly expense of the name brand drug. Read More

27 October, 2016


The changes you're talking about making, while definitely beneficial for your overall health, will not likely slow the progression of hair loss or regrow hair that you've already lost. Read More

24 September, 2016


​Of the products you're using, only finasteride can slow the progression of androgenic alopecia and potentially regrow hair. The others may improve hair quality and appearance but do not treat genetic hair loss. Read More

14 August, 2016


The Havogen 5 Patch claims to do the following:Reduces 5-Alpha Reductase production, Inhibits Free-Radical formation, Nourishes the hair bulb & fortifies the shaft, Regulates sebum Blocks DHT Read More

21 July, 2016


I think it is essential to clarify a few things because there seems to be much confusion about the composition of temporary SMP pigments. Read More

27 June, 2016


I have no experience with this product but did a quick Google search. I found their website and was able to have it translated to English. Read More

30 May, 2016


The drug finasteride has been used in the treatment of androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness) since becoming approved by the FDA for this purppse in 1997 under the brand name Propecia (1 mg). Read More

17 May, 2016


As you have noted, itís normal to shed when starting hair loss drugs like Rogaine (minoxidil) and Propecia (finasteride). It is commonly held that only the most miniaturized of hairs will not survive this initial shed. Read More

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