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The many advantages of a Follicular Unit Hair Transplant over the standard hair transplant procedure.

Tiny grafts with minimal incisions

hair transplant grafts being placed

Carefully prepared follicular unit grafts contain a minimum of excess tissue and are very tiny. As a result, the graft incisions required are smaller and produce less trauma to the scalp. Thus skin surface deformities or scarring are minimized and the incisions heal rapidly.

Using smaller grafts with less invasive incisions also allows for a larger number grafts to be transplanted closer together in one surgical session. Thus, patients can achieve natural and dense looking results with quick healing.

Careful trimming of the donor tissue produces more grafts.

trimming hair transplant grafts
By carefully trimming donor tissue into the naturally occurring follicular units under magnification, more intact and undamaged grafts are produced from a given amount of donor tissue. And since a patient's donor tissue is limited this enables the patient to ultimately relocate healthier intact follicular unit grafts to their balding areas.

A Follicular Unit Transplant looks natural, even on close examination.

natural hairline after transplant

Because the follicular unit hair transplant procedure replicates, hair for hair, the way hair grows naturally it produces results that look natural even under close examination.

This is typically not true for the standard mini micrografting procedure practiced by most surgeons today. These standard procedures can look natural under the right conditions and when groomed properly. However, if the hair is parted and viewed closely the hair will typically appear some what grafty upon close examination.

The follicular unit hair transplant also looks completely natural after only one surgical session. No additional surgical sessions are needed to "complete" the hair transplant. This is not typically true for the mini micrograft procedure, which often requires additional surgical sessions to refine or soften the appearance of the previous hair transplants.

How to find an excellent Hair Restoration Physician.

While follicular unit hair transplantation can yield optimal results for a patient it must be performed by an experienced and skilled staff. Learn how to evaluate a clinic's ability to perform high quality hair transplantation.

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