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7 February, 2008


What is the price of hair restoration surgery? I know that it depends on the amount of hair loss however, I'm looking for any range that can help me plan ahead. Read More

4 February, 2008


In addition to both Propecia (finasteride) or 1/4 pill of Proscar and Rogaine (minoxidil) for hair loss, I wash my hair with Nizoral shampoo and spray Tricomin on nightly. My hair loss has slowed down, but is now very noticeable. What surgical options are available to me and what sort of results can I reasonably expect? Also will I continue to have to take both Rogaine and Propecia? Thanks. In my opinion, be sure to use at least Propecia and Rogaine for at least 6 months to a year before considering hair transplant surgery. This way, you will receive the greatest possible benefit from these non surgical hair loss drugs for hair loss wich will make strategic long term planning for hair transplantation more effective. Keep in mind that stopping either hair loss medication will result in a loss of its benefit. Therefore, if you are receiving benefit from Propecia, Rogaine, Nizoral, or Tricomin, you should at least consider continued use. Read More

18 December, 2007


Thanks to the advancements in hair loss medication and hair transplantation, hair loss sufferers now have the ability to take control over their balding condition. Below are several real patient experiences and before/after hair restoration photos. Read More

11 December, 2007


Hair restoration surgery can certainly be viable option for hair loss suffering men and women who have developed realistic goals. Research and selection of a quality hair loss doctor is the key to a successful experience. Read More

15 November, 2007


Many young hair loss sufferers seeking hair loss help come to our discussion forum community asking about hair restoration surgery. Though hair restoration surgery may be an option, there are several things to consider. The truth is, that young hair loss sufferers, especially those who just started to lose hair are typically not candidates for surgery... Read More

12 November, 2007


A very common question asked by hair loss sufferers seeking hair restoration treatments is about the cost of a hair transplant. The cost of surgical hair restoration will vary on a number of variables including the hair loss clinic chosen, the number of follicular unit grafts excised/inserted (dependent upon a patient's hair restoration goals), and the type of surgery performed. Read More

6 November, 2007


The reason why hair restoration is often a viable option for those suffering from androgenetic alopecia (genetic hair loss) is because implanted hair is permanent. By removing hair from the donor area (the sides and back of the head) in an area referred to as the "safe zone", a quality hair loss doctor... Read More

1 November, 2007


There is a lot to consider when researching hair restoration. The key to a successful hair restoration experience is research and education. This will lead to the selection of a first-rate hair loss doctors who will ultimately have your best interest at heart. Read this article to see a number of considerations to evaluate before undergoing hair surgery. Read More

29 October, 2007


A hot debate on our hair restoration discussion forum has been whether or not low level laser therapy works as a hair loss treatment. Though it has recently been FDA approved as a hair loss treatment - what does FDA approval really mean? What are well respected hair restoration physicians saying about low level laser therapy? Read More

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