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18 June, 2008


That's a great question. Truthfully, I really wish I was satisfied with the way I looked with a shaved head. I tried that routine once, before I even started experiencing hair loss. Though I was younger at the time, the girl I was dating... Read More

3 June, 2008


In my opinion, both Dr. Rahal and Dr. Feriduni are excellent hair loss doctors and use state of the art techniques with consistency in producing natural results. Selecting between two elite surgeons is like choosing between two... Read More

13 May, 2008


Severe cases of scalp dermatitis can be the cause of a certain type of hair loss known as diffuse alopecia. This condition is typically reversible and hair growth returns to normal with proper treatment of the scalp condition. Because this is not the same as male pattern baldness... Read More

12 May, 2008


Without knowing why the hair in the bald area didn't return, (whether due to surgery, chemotherapy, or alopecia areata) it's difficult to give you specific advice. In many cases however, hair growth will return to normal once chemotherapy treatments have stopped. Hair Transplant surgery might... Read More

7 April, 2008


The first couple months after hair restoration surgery can be very depressing and often, hair loss patients look worse than they did before any surgery due to "shock loss". This includes a temporarily falling out of native or previously... Read More

31 March, 2008


I can only give you an idea of the "average" in terms of the cost per follicular unit graft because hair restoration costs depend on a number of things, including the type of hair replacement surgery, the number of follicular unit grafts you receive, and... Read More

15 February, 2008


Hair can be implanted anywhere and it will grow. The key is selecting a qualified and artistic hair loss doctor who will work with you and design an aesthetically pleasing hairline that you and the physician are... Read More

13 February, 2008


The good news is, hats are perfectly acceptable for college students and are often the norm. Buy yourself a loose fitting hat to wear for the first 10 days after hair loss and restoration surgery and then you can switch to any hat you want. Read More

11 February, 2008


Shock loss is an unfortunate but very real possibility when hair is transplanted in betwen or around existing hair. But the good news is this hair loss is temporary. Read More

8 February, 2008


Keep in mind that Propecia (finasteride) and Rogaine (minoxidil) are not required for surgical hair restoration to be successful. However, without hair loss medication, your male pattern hair loss will continue to... Read More

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