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Thank you for your interest in the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians.

We are always interested in learning about ethical surgeons who are doing truly state of the art hair restoration. Those hair restoration physicians who meet our high standards will be considered for membership.

To learn more about the Coalition and the many benefits of membership visit or call our offices at 954-558-0579.

Feel free to send us information about your practice by completing the below form. We will then contact you to discuss potential inclusion in the Coalition.
All information you provide will be held in strict confidence.

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Please answer the following questions regarding your surgical technique and your practice. Again, all the information you provide will be held in strict confidence.
1) Do use a multi-bladed or single bladed knife for donor removal?
2) Do you sliver the donor strip?
3) What do you use for magnification in creating the grafts?
4) What size and type of grafts do you create?
5) How involved is the surgeon(s) in making the incisions and placing the grafts?
6) How long have the surgeons in your clinic been doing hair transplant surgery? Detail their level of experience.
7) Does your clinic do hair transplant surgery exclusively? If not, what portion of your overall practice is dedicated to hair transplantation.
8) What do you charge?
9) What size sessions are you capable of doing? What are your thoughts on session sizes?

10) How many hair transplant patients do you do in one day per surgeon?
11) Who does the initial consults? What are your feeling regarding paid consults?

12) What are your medical technician's levels of experience?
13) What do you do for donor closure?
14) What are your thoughts on how to avoid donor scarring?
15) Do you have patients available for people to call and even visit? If so, please provide the names and numbers of several patients that we can call.
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