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Hair Restoration Solutions

In this hair transplant video interview, Coalition hair restoration physician Dr. Jean Devroye goes over a typical consult with hair loss sufferers providing sound information on non-surgical and surgical treatments.

Today's State of the Art Hair Transplant

In this hair transplant video interview, Coalition hair restoration physician Dr. Jean Devroye discusses how today's state of the art hair transplantation and current techniques create natural looking results.

Dr. Devroye Discusses Meeting Hair Loss Patient Expectations

Dr. Jean Devroye discusses how he meets a patient's hair transplant expectations and the importance of the initial hair restoration consultation.

Below is a transcript of the hair transplant video for your reference.

"Hair transplant surgery is a very interesting subject. In Europe, we have more and more good surgeons. But sometimes surgeons go wrong and make more than one consultation. So when I asked them when they come to a consultation, what was the reason for this choice, they say, they feel I'm honest and I'm serious. So perhaps it's for this reason they come to me. Regarding the consultation, it's a long consultation, and I try to be very open and listen to them, not only to say what I have to say, but to understand what they want, to understand the expectation. And after, to propose a solution, not only one, but I try to give them different possibilities. So I think the consultation is very, very important. And for th day of the surgery, I try to - it's very important for the patient to understand that he will not have a lot of surgery during his will be one or two days and he doesn't have to have any regrets. We are not in a hurry. It's a long time. We don't waste time but we've never been in a hurry and we try to do well and give souvenir to the patient."

How Dr. Devroye Produces Excellent Hair Restoration Results

Dr. Jean Devroye discusses how he provides his hair loss patients with the best hair restoration results.

Below is a transcript of the hair transplant video for your reference.

"I could say there are different levels, especially during the hair restoration surgery. After the surgery for example when the patient told me that finally it was good and that it wasn't painful, and that they were surprised by the ambiance of the team. The most important thing however, is the final result. It's a good field for this's not so difficult for me to imagine the result we can reach. When you have a good diagnostic, it's very possible to have a very nice result. I'm like a sculpturer who wants to break the mold to see exactly the result. Even though I'm pretty sure it'll be good, it's kind of like a surprise. I love to receive my patient in the post-op consultation and I like to show them to my team because it's nice to show them the result. It's very rare to have somebody disappointed about the result. I try to, before the surgery, have a very good pre-op consultation and to know exactly the expectation and go over the limitation and what can be accomplished during the hair transplant procedure."

Dr. Devroye Discusses Performing Quality Hair Transplants

Dr. Jean Devroye discusses what separates his hair transplant clinic from others.

Below is a transcript of the hair transplant video for your reference.

"I could say quality. We are looking for quality for all the steps of the procedure. Also I could say, year after year, we've modified, not a lot, but some very small details, but important. When you place the grafts, we turn the grafts towards the good orientation and good curve of the hair. It takes time, but it's the last refinement and I don't see what we could do more. But I like the refinement and quality of our results. Everyone likes to do it this way and it's really a pleasure. It's like a new challenge every day and doing our best, getting better and better. When you reach certain levels, it's difficult to do better, but it's good to try and be open to even newer techniques, new kind of punches, etc. Hair restoration is a very exciting field."

Why Dr. Devroye Became a Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dr. Jean Devroye discusses his medical background and how he became involved in performing today's state of the art surgical hair restoration.

Below is a partial transcript of this hair transplant video

"I like the technique and I like the way that I have to analyze each patient's case. It's not so easy to reach a good result. You have to have good experience and be aware of what you can reach. What you have to do is a good hair transplant consultation and after that, a very good technique and a very good team."

Dr. Devroye Discusses Today's Dense and Natural Hair Transplants

Dr. Jean Devroye discusses the advantages of today's natural and dense looking hair transplants.

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"The technique we use now allows for a very nice hair transplant result. After that, the discretion of the result regarding density has to be discussed with the patient and it has to be done before the surgery. The physician has to be clear enough and show hair transplant photos. Most of the time, it's impossible to come back to the patient's original hair density. Thus, it's important to explain to the patient what the result will look like. But most of the time, the patient is very happy and this is the goal. The main goal of the hair transplant patient is to be happy."

Selecting a Quality Hair Restoration Physician

Dr. Jean Devroye provides tips to hair loss sufferers on how to select a quality hair restoration physician.

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"I could say first to check the internet, read a lot, understand the advantages and difficulties of hair transplants. After that, choose a quality hair restoration surgeon and test him to see if he can answer your questions, having a consultation with him. This is the best way to achieve a good hair transplant surgery."

Providing Patients with the Best Hair Loss Treatment Options

Dr. Jean Devroye discusses how he provides balding men and women visiting his hair transplant clinic with the best hair loss treatment options for them whether it be non-surgical or surgical solutions.

Below is a transcript of the hair transplant video for your reference.

"I listen, I ask, I analyze and after that, I discuss a lot. I think it's very important to spend a lot of time before the hair transplant surgery and provide the patient with the truth. There are different options, medical options, surgical options and I try to figure out what is better for the patient. This is the way I like to do it. For my patients, this is very important. Sometimes I have a patient coming for hair restoration surgery and they're going back home just with minoxidil. And it's very good for them. I don't want to sell them a hair transplant. This is a good, honest way to do the consultation."