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Hair Restoration Results

Seeing, Hearing, Sharing and then Believing.

They say "seeing is believing". But seeing, hearing, and sharing with other hair loss sufferers is knowing it for real. You’re right to be skeptical about claims promising to restore your hair. All claims need to be tested against their actual reality.

One great reality check is comparing notes with those who have already tested hair loss treatments first hand. If a treatment is effective then the results will show it.

Today, there are some impressive non-surgical and surgical options available for balding men and women. While non-surgical solutions like the antiandrogen Propecia (finasteride) and the hair growth stimulator Rogaine (minoxidil) may help slow down, stop or even reverse the natural progression of hair loss, today’s advanced surgical hair restoration procedure is the only proven solution to restore hair in completely bald areas.

Our "Before and After" photo gallery has over three hundred photos of hair loss patients whose hair was restored by our member physicians. But even photos don’t always tell the whole truth.

see real hair restoration results in our before and after photos
View hundreds of "before and after" hair loss photos

Go Beyond Photos and Learn from Hair Loss Patients

We believe strongly in the open and uncensored exchange of ideas between hair loss sufferers. That is why we sponsor a free and open hair loss discussion forum. It enables you to share the candid truth about all treatments for baldness, the good and the bad.

You can also view Hair Loss Websites created by actual hair restoration patients. These websites contain photos journals documenting a person's hair loss and restoration process. Often you can email these website authors.


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