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VIDEO Dr. Lindsey Uses Frontal "U" to repair patient with 3 previous cases elsewhere

In this man, we did a frontal U case, which I've described in multiple other videos, to address his hairline and the area behind his tuft. The only trouble is that as that tuft goes....we may need to come back and put hair in it. AND I think he's lost a little of his tuft...and we may have to deal with that later on.

In any case, he looks great. He's very happy, and despite 3 other doctors putting scars on his donor semi-non-parallel lines (who knows why?), and with me excising one of those scars at his case, he can still wear a normal haircut.

Some, including my nurse, would question why I show his donor region with scars...including 2 scars from other doctors which aren't good. The answer is 2 fold. First, MOST people, even with crappy scars, can look normal with a typical 2016 haircut length. And second, even though my scar is the best of his 3 scars..its still a poor scar and a poor scar from me. As I've discussed for years now, I get MOSTLY really good scars, but I get 4 of these each and every year. I tell every patient this, so here is an example. The informed potential patient makes the best decisions. 

Male | Caucasion | Class: 2 | in 1 Session | FUT/Strip | Transplant

VIDEO Dr. Lindsey 6 months out from 3000 up front plus PRFM

This medical professional stopped by Friday, 6 months out from his first case. He's growing nicely, has a PERFECT trichophytic closure, and will likely get a second case this autumn. 

Dr. Lindsey

Male | Caucasion | Class: 6 | 3000 Grafts in 1 Session | FUT/Strip | Transplant

VIDEO Dr. Lindsey Crown growing in nicely at 8 months

This fellow stopped in unexpectedly today, 8 months and a day out from his crown. Shown are his preop, 5 month video, and 8 month video results.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 3V | in 1 Session | FUT/Strip | Transplant

Video Dr. Lindsey talks with a hairstylist after 2 strip and one MFUE case

This nice fellow has been with us for a few years. He had very little hair to start with, and we did 2 strips to address the front, and then an MFUE 7 months ago to finish the crown.

He was in last week for pics and a scar check. Given his fine hair and significant color mismatch between scalp and hair, we've made good progress, and he's referred in several of his clients.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 5 | in 3 Sessions | FUT/Strip | Transplant

Dr. Lindsey Video at 6 months. McLean VA

This 30's year old professional had 3000 grafts + PRFM a year ago. He flew through DC and I took a video at 6 months. 

Its been about 12 months now, and we're doing a second case. Hopefully he'll chime in to this post and hopefully he'll come through DC next Christmas for final pics. 

He got a very decent scar the first time which I excised this visit. He probably still could get 1500 via MFUE if the mood strikes him down the road.

Dr. Lindsey McLean VA

His SIX month video is here. Honestly we got to talking and I didn't video his head until things had gotten going this time.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 4 | 3000 Grafts FUE | Transplant

VIDEO Dr. Lindsey Early growth on crown at 5 months McLean VA

This fellow stopped by a day or 2 ago and is already growing nicely. He'd gotten 1800 to the crown in July...mainly so that he could swim routinely and not have to worry about combing his nice frontal hair back over the bald spot.

Although the crown is a black hole sucking up all hair placed into it...his middle eastern hair is thick and even this early growth covers the crown so that he can swim and emerge from the pool worry free. He'd kind of figured it was a final result. Wait til next summer. And his scar is great. He had a bit of shockloss around the scar, as is expected...and with a #2 cut at 5 months, I think you can see the line where there is a little less hair, but certainly you can't see his scar. In another month that should be resolved as well.

Male | Caucasion | in 1 Session | FUT/Strip | Transplant

VIDEO Dr. Lindsey 11 months after front, now having crown +PRFM McLean VA

This mid 50s cosmetic surgeon had 2800 up front 11 months ago and finished off his crown yesterday.

The attached video taken during graft placement shows the "mop" of good hair he has which will only get better over the next few months. Hopefully we can a final video next December.

The video shows how great his scar turned out. I'll put up a separate thread showing what the "underside" of it looks like shortly. In 20 years, I've never been able to get a picture showing the deep tissue healing below a trichophytic closure. Its pretty cool.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 3 | 3000 Grafts in 1 Session | FUT/Strip | Transplant

VIDEO Dr. Lindsey MFUE into Asian female trauma scars McLean VA

This Asian lady tends to form poor scars. She has 2 hairless trauma scars which we addressed this week with MFUE. 

MFUE is an excellent tool for this situation. First off, to plant in the scar tissue, we need the thickest most hardy roots. Strip roots would be ideal but she is a poor scar former. Next, particularly in her finer Asian hair...FUE may weaken the follicles a little, or a lot, but any weakening might yield a poorer result in this scar. Lastly, the 3 or 4 little dashes that will result from this procedure will be virtually undetectable, even if she adopts a very short hairstyle.

Female | Non-Caucasion | in 1 Session | FUE | Transplant

VIDEO Dr. Lindsey Crown at 11 months McLean VA

This younger patient had crown work in January and stopped by yesterday while in town. He looks excellent...which can be a challenge is crowns and guys with shorter hairstyles and limited layering. His wirey hair and good color match helps significantly. Plus his scar turned out fine, allowing him to keep that short hair in the back.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 3V | FUT/Strip | Transplant

VIDEO Dr. Lindsey FUE results at a year, and now part 2 in man requiring crew cut

This mid-50s fellow came in in early 2014 and signed up for a strip for the summer. 2 days preop...he called and said he saw some awful strip scar at the pentagon and he switched to FUE. 

He had about 1700 grafts over 2 days uneventfully, then called this summer for another case. 

He looks quite good, and particularly with that thin/fine white hair and very white skin, his donor depletion and FUE scars don't show. He wants to tie the hair into the sides and proceed on back farther.

We did 958 grafts today and will see him next summer.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 2 | 958 Grafts in 1 Session | FUE | Transplant

VIDEO Dr. Lindsey with patient after 2 cases McLean VA

Readers may recall this fellow pulled my wisdom teeth when I was a kid, in his first year in practice. We did his first case 2 years ago and a followup last October and I stopped by his office last week when I was in his/my hometown.

He looks great. We did do PRFM on the second case, he was the first patient we did and he uses it in his practice to help dental implants "take". 

Again he is in top form...64, multiple ironman and extreme endurance event athlete with superb healing capacity. 

Male | Caucasion | Class: 4 | in 2 Sessions | FUT/Strip | Transplant

VIDEO Dr. Lindsey female scarring alopecia patient at 8.5 months McLean VA

This nice lady was referred by a local dermatologist. She has scarring alopecia which appears to be stable now and "burned out"...hopefully allowing a transplant to cover her balding scalp.

She's 8.5 months out today and stopped by. She looks pretty good, and remember these scalps are like old plug repairs and take a while to get good growth. I think PRFM probably is speeding her along a bit. 

We'll see her next spring and see how she turns out. Its possible a small touch up will be required, but already she's able to camouflage her significant hair loss and is happy. Just wait til its all grown in.

Female | Caucasion | Class: II | in 1 Session | FUT/Strip | Transplant