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Hair Restoration Surgery to Restore Temple Point Hair Loss: How Many Grafts Needed?


My 60 year old father still has a good amount of hair and my mother's 90 year old father kept all of his hair until his 70's.  Based on my family history of hair loss, I am not really concerned about balding in my hairline but what I am concerned about is the temple area. I never really had strong temple points, even when I was a young kid. What would it cost to have a FUE procedure just to transplant the temple points? And, since the hair in that area is usually thinner anyway, couldn't nape hair be used?


It can take up to 200 follicular unit grafts per side to restore temple points depending on the degree of hair loss. Since follicular unit excision (formerly known as follicular unit extraction) (FUE) runs between $6 and $10 per graft on average, the total cost of such a procedure should be about $2,000. This is just an estimate of course and the actual cost will depend on several factors.

Many hair loss physicians will not use nape hairs (the fine hairs at the top of the neck) for hair restoration due to the fact that some men lose nape hair as they age. These hairs are not considered part of the permanent zone.