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Is Hair Loss and Restoration Surgery Painful?


Is follicular unit hair transplantation painful? Does it have any harmful side effects?


Every hair loss patient’s surgical experience is different. While some report a moderate degree of discomfort, others have virtually none. As a veteran of two hair restoration procedures myself, I can safely say that I found the pain to be minimal. In fact, in both instances, I didn’t even use all the pain pills that my doctor prescribed. While I can’t predict what your experiences will be, I can say that choosing a highly skilled and experienced hair loss surgeon will help ensure that your pain is at a minimum.

Like any surgical procedure, side effects may include a risk of infection, swelling and tenderness. Follicular unit hair transplantation (FUT) will also leave a linear scar across the back of the head and the scalp may also be pink for several weeks.

If you are interested in treating your hair loss surgically, I recommend that you consult our list of prescreened quality hair loss doctors and schedule a free online consultation.