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What Causes Hair Loss

Is My Daily Hair Loss Normal or Excessive?


I have been losing my hair since 19. I am now 27. I am a diffused thinner all over. One thing that has been bugging me for years is I lose hair all the time, I mean as I write this message on my laptop 2 hairs have fallen, whilst I'm at work I see hair on my desk, sometimes on phone screen. I don't get it; does everyone’s hair fall like this?

Male pattern balding does run in the family, but I find this very excessive, even when I stoke my head hair falls, it always been like this since I was 19. Could this be down to some sort of deficiency? I have had my thyroid and iron checked that was normal. Any suggestions?

What was interesting was a few months back I got on hair skin and nails supplements along with biotin. Hair loss reduced by 70% and my scalp was no longer visible. I had much greater coverage, but then had to stop as I suffered an allergic reaction.


The average, healthy scalp loses roughly 100 hairs throughout the day. It's truly difficult to gauge just how much hair we lose in a given day since we typically only see a small portion. Obviously, thinning occurs when the rate of hair loss exceeds the rate of hair growth and fallen hairs either grow back in miniaturized form or don't regrow at all.

Since you've stated that you have diffusely thinning hair and male pattern baldness runs in the family, you're likely losing more than the average. Have you consulted with a hair restoration physician and been evaluated for androgenic alopecia (genetic hair loss)?

Your physician may recommend the clinically proven and FDA approved medical hair loss treatments Propecia (finasteride) and Rogaine (minoxidil).