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Losing Scabs Four Days after Hair Restoration Surgery


I experienced hair loss and just underwent hair restoration surgery.  I noticed this morning that there are sections on my head where scabs have fallen off and have taken the hairs with them, leaving only light pink skin. There has been no bleeding so I hope no grafts have been lost but only transplanted hair that would shed in time anyway.

I have contacted my hair loss doctor and they said the follicular unit grafts are safe 4 days post-op but I still feel uneasy. At 4 days post-op, is hair shedding with scabs an indication that the accompanying grafts will not survive?


In my opinion, your hair restoration clinic is right. Everything should be just fine. After having two procedures myself, I know how it is to over analyze everything but, the truth is, everyone heals differently and there are no hard rules regarding when and how scabs will form and fall off.

When the scabs fall, many of them will take the hair follicle with it. As long as you are not bleeding then you are probably not losing grafts. You should expect to see light pink skin once they fall.

Continue to follow your hair loss doctor's post-op care regimen and baby your scalp for a couple more weeks. Very soon your balding will be only a distant memory.

Happy growing!