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28 October, 2007


Help! I'm losing my hair. What can I do about it? This is a common question/concern when a person realizes they are losing hair. The good news is that there are hair loss treatments available though to date, no hair loss cure exists. Read about the best ways to manage hair loss. Read More

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24 October, 2007


Most hair loss sufferers are aware about the possible side effects that go along with Propecia and most know that pregnant women are warned against being exposed to broken tablets. But what about the man's use of Propecia while trying to conceive with his wife? Below Dr. William Reed shares his professional advice on the subject. Read More

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22 October, 2007


Many perspective hair transplant patients often ask how many follicular unit grafts they will need to meet their hair restoration goals. Additionally, many also ask how many hair grafts can be harvested in a single hair transplant session using strip surgery. Here you will see some of the factors that play into these questions. Read More

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19 October, 2007


Shaving the recipient area is truly a hot topic on our hair restoration discussion forum. In my opinion, shaving the recipient area in cases where hair is being transplanted in between and around a lot of native hair will allow the surgeon to more easily see the direction of the existing natural hair thus minimizing the risk of natural hair follicle transection which would result in permanent shock loss. But clearly not all hair transplant patients are in a position where shaving is absolutely necessary - in fact, many are not. Read More

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