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6 August, 2019


When you see dozens of hair in the shower drain, the initial reaction is panic. But does shedding hair mean you're going bald? Click on the article to find out. Read More

29 November, 2018


Unfortunately, some guys can't let go even if it means maintaining a ridiculous hairstyle. Click on the article to find out the top 3 worst hairstyles for balding men. Read More

16 November, 2018


So many men and women suffer from hair loss all over the world, but how many men and women are actually going bald? Click on the article to learn more. Read More

10 October, 2018


Both men and women suffer with androgenic alopecia around the world, with so many lotions, potions and so-called "hair loss cures" it can seem impossible to distinguish what works and what doesn't. Click on the article to find out how to prevent male and female pattern baldness. Read More

18 September, 2018


We all have that friend who is losing their hair, but refuses to acknowledge their luscious locks are now withering away. Click on the article to find out what mistakes hair loss sufferers make and how to avoid them. Read More

9 September, 2018


Alopecia areata is a devastating condition that effects millions of individuals each year. Raising awareness to the public educates individuals who may suffer or have loved ones suffering from this condition. Click on the article to learn more. Read More

5 August, 2018


40% of all women experience some form of hair loss by the age of 40, but what are the causes of female hair loss and how can it be treated. Click on the article to read more. Read More

28 July, 2018


Telogen Effluvium otherwise known as shock loss can be a devastating condition. Click on the article to learn more about this condition. Read More

24 July, 2018


What is Trichotillomania and how does it occur? Read this article for information on what causes Trichotillomania and how to treat it. Read More

13 July, 2018


We have all heard the stories that wearing a tight fitted hat too often will make you go bald or that if you wash your hair too often it will fall out. Well, they're both myths and old wives' tales?. In this article, we will go over some common hair loss myths and discuss what really causes hair loss. Read More

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