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Hair Loss Treatments

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30 August, 2021


RU58841 is a topical anti-androgen that has been around for years. It is a compound that hasn't been approved for hair loss and is used off-label to stop genetic hair loss. But is it the most effective topical? Keep reading. Read More

21 July, 2021


The hair loss cure may come from Stemson Therapeutics. They recently joined forces with Allergan and have raised over 22.5 million dollars to cure hair loss in the past two years. Read More

22 June, 2021


Histogen stimulating hair complex made waves in the hair loss world when it presented favorable phase 1 results back in 2012. Sadly, the phase two results were not enough to keep the project from getting scrapped. Read More

18 May, 2021


Finasteride has been available for over twenty years and remains to be the most effective treatment to date. Recently though, more people have been interested in topical finasteride. Read More

16 March, 2021


Oral dutasteride is not FDA-approved to treat genetic hair loss. However, it is a lot more effective and powerful than finasteride. Topical dutasteride is said to deliver the same strength without the systemic effects. Read More

28 January, 2021


Scientists in Thailand conducted a study of 50 people with hair loss, and according to the study. Scientists have now discovered that mangrove tree extract can reverse hair loss with no side effects. Read More

4 January, 2021


Studies have shown that 1 mg of oral minoxidil is almost twice as effective as the topical version. However, the incidence of side effects was higher with the oral version than the topical version. Oral minoxidil in low doses has been well-tolerated, according to several studies. Read More

18 November, 2020


Currently, there isn't an alternative to Propecia. However, a new drug being tested called Breezula is considered the replacement or alternative to Propecia. Studies show Breezula is as effective as Propecia, but without the side effects. Read More

11 September, 2020


Clasceterone is an anti-androgen drug developed to treat acne, which has been proclaimed as the hair loss cure. The FDA recently approved the medication for acne as of August 2020. Read More

9 June, 2020


Each year there seems to be a new scientific breakthrough that will revolutionize the hair loss industry, but each year it fizzles out like a firecracker in the rain. Is there a hair loss cure on the horizon? Click on the article to find out. Read More

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