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5 October, 2020


Elon Musk most likely had a couple of hair transplants to restore his baldness. Given that his hairline was almost completely gone in his early 20s and now his hairline appears thick and robust, signs that he has had a hair transplant. Read More

14 August, 2020


For the first time in history, we have a presidential race between two politicians who have had work done to their hair. Who has better hair, and what did they do to their hair? Click on the article to find out. Read More

29 April, 2020


During this pandemic, no one has been able to leave their house, much less for a hair transplant consultation. Thankfully, there are virtual consultations available, which are fast and convenient. Click on the article to find out what to ask during your virtual consultation. Read More

11 March, 2020


A year ago, no one heard about the Coronavirus, but now it seems to be a pandemic. How will this affect the hair transplant industry, and is it safe to travel? Click on the article to find out. Read More

26 November, 2019


The hair loss industry has always been a billion-dollar industry, but the hair transplant industry has grown immensely world-wide. Find out why by clicking on the article. Read More

30 October, 2019


Lebron James is in the news again, and not for his athletic abilities, but for his lack of hair. A teammate had to point out the fact that his hair was running off his forehead. Click on the article to find out why. Read More

15 October, 2019


Getting a hair transplant is a serious decision, so make sure you're fully informed before pulling the trigger. Click on the article to find out three crucial things you should know. Read More

10 September, 2019


Hair transplant surgery is a minimally invasive procedure, but how long do you have to wait before you can return to the gym? Click on the article to find out. Read More

22 August, 2019


Leading Los Angeles hair transplant surgeon Dr. Mohebi, expands his practice to the bay area. Click on the article to learn more. Read More

9 May, 2019


We do everything on our phone, from shopping to dating. Why should updating your hair transplant progress be any different. The hair transplant network has updated their patient websites. Click on the article to learn more. Read More

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