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Allergan Enter Agreement With Exicure To Find Hair Loss Cure

Recently, Exicure Inc. and Allergan PLCs subsidiary, Allergan Pharmaceuticals International LTD., agreed to develop a ground-breaking hair loss treatment that is said to revolutionize the hair loss industry. The drug will use Exicure's spherical nucleic acid technology. Allergan announced on November 14, 2019, that they were going to invest 25 million dollars in developing this drug. In this article, we will be discussing this exciting announcement and how it may change the hair loss industry.  

Allergan's Agreement With Exicure

Allergan has agreed to pay 25 million dollars to Exicure upfront, with the agreement that they would have exclusive access to the SNA-based therapeutics from distinct programs for hair loss related conditions. Allergan will be able to employ the option to commercialize and develop licensed products.

Who Is Exicure

Exicure specializes in spherical nucleic acids or SNAs, which are nanoparticles that contain nucleic acid groups from the surface; they become part of these cells.  These cells carry out various activities, including stimulating the body's immune response.  Exicure has a couple of projects in the pipeline, including treatments for psoriasis and a rare skin disease called Netherton Syndrome. 

Allergan's Hair Loss Research 

Allergan has been researching hair loss for a long time, and it's no secret that they long to be leaders in the hair loss industry- this investment is proof of that. Allergan's first try was with a drug called Setipiprant. The results from the clinical trial were lackluster; there is no further information since the clinical trials were published. Allergan has invested in several projects, including Stemson Therapeutics, a California-based company, which made the news earlier this summer.


Allergan has invested heavily in a hair loss cure, but that doesn't mean anything will come of this new business venture. Twenty-five million sounds like a large sum of money to the general public, but in terms of capital investments, it's a relatively small amount. Those who have followed so-called hair loss cures have grown cynical because every year, a new miracle treatment is released, but nothing ever comes of these treatments.