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What Causes Hair Loss

Can Bleach and Hair Dye be Causing My Hair Loss?


I'm 25 years old now, but while I was growing up, I was the envy of everyone because of my long, extremely thick, black hair. Now for the past few years, it's been falling out like crazy, especially in the shower and while brushing it. I find hair everywhere. My hairline is very thin and so is the crown area. I can't even wear my hair in a ponytail because it's so thin that it slips out. My hair is still relatively thick, but a lot thinner than it used to be. I probably have about half of what I used to have. I've been bleaching and dying my hair since I was 18. Could that be why I'm experiencing hair loss? I'm very worried because nobody else in my family suffers from this.


Hair loss can be caused by a number of conditions, a number of which are much more common in females. Though it's not too common, excessive hard hair dye treatments and bleach may contribute to or cause hair loss. However, you are also around the age where typical genetic female hair loss or male pattern baldness sets in. Hairline and crown thinning in particular may be a sign that your balding is at least partly genetic.

In my opinion, stop coloring and bleaching your hair and don't use any harsh hair products. See a dermatologist and let him/her evaluate your scalp and determine if you are also experiencing androgenetic alopecia (genetic hair loss) or if something else is contributing to your hair loss.