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Create Your Own Mobile Friendly Hair Loss Website

We have entered a new age of internet usage; the mobile internet era. Everyone turns to their mobile devices to text, shop, get directions, heck even dating is as easy as a swipe. Mobile devices have optimized are lives in more ways than we could ever imagine. In fact, the majority of people go to bed with their phone and wake up to their phone. Our mobile devices have become so ingrained in to our lives that reaching for the device is now a reflex. We reach to our phones when we're bored, need a ride (uber), so why shouldn't you be able to create your own patient website directly from your mobile device.

Create A Free Patient Website

I could sit here and list all of the benefits to creating a free patient website, but frankly there's too many to list and that would take valuable time away from you creating your patient website today. One benefit however, is the seamless tracking of your hair transplant progress. You're able to consistently keep track of your progress, daily, weekly and monthly. Additionally, you're able to view the progress of others, comment, message and interact with fellow hair transplant patients. Moreover, you're able to create your own personal blog. Express ideas, thoughts and put them in writing for others to read and comment. The best part is that all of this is FREE!

New Features Include

*Easy to read text (easily visible through a mobile device; save your eyesight!)

*Easy to navigate (buttons and links are easy to use on your mobile device)

*New interface (for a better user experience)

Start Today!

There's no better time than the present to start posting, blogging and interacting with other hair transplant patients. The community grows through the collective wisdom of hair transplant patients around the world. Learn what others are saying about their experiences and join in by participating in this interactive patient community.

Connect Your Free Patient Website To Our Hair Loss Forum Easily!

Since the early 2000's the hair loss industry saw a big boom in business. The main reason for this was the internet and the advent of hair loss forums, but specifically the Hair Restoration Network.

The days of picking up the phone book and going to any hair transplant physician is long gone. Now prospective patients are able to see and speak with genuine hair transplant patients in real time. Through the collective wisdom of past and present day hair transplant patients, the hair loss community was able to weed out some of the bad apples that poisoned the industry.

After patients began sharing their testimonials online and posting before and after photos of their results, the hair loss forum became a community to share information, credible knowledge and surgeon accreditation. Now you can edit your forum profile so that a link to your very own website will displayed in all of your forum posts. This means your progress posts and blogs will be seen by thousands.


Creating a patient website is easy and most importantly free. Become acquainted with other patients and hair loss sufferers and give back to the community by posting your invaluable experience. The only way the community will grow is through the collective wisdom of hair transplant patients all around the globe.