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Did Joe Biden Fix His Hair Plugs?

Joe Biden is in the race to become America's next president, while some people are preoccupied on politics we're engrossed in his hair. There is no doubt that Joe had horrible hair plugs in the 80's, but his hair looks a lot better today. This has many questioning what the heck is going on with Joe Biden's hair? In this article, we'll dive deep and discuss the possibilities.

The Hair Transplant Dark Ages

The 1980's was known as the dark ages for the hair transplant industry. Things were much different in those days. Surgical hair restoration was performed by charlatans, quacks and fraudsters. At the time, it was considered pseudo-medicine by many, and anyone foolish enough to have a hair transplant in those days were ridiculed to no end. 

Hair loss sufferers back then would look up a surgeon through a phone book, and essentially play russian roulette with their head. Today, we have the internet and some of these horror stories have finally come to light. It's safe to say that Joe was a hair transplant victim in the 80's. Adding insult to injury, Joe had dark hair with pale skin, which only highlighted the awful work. 

The Problem with Joe's Hair in the 80's

Clearly, there are many examples of bad hair transplants out there. However, Joe Biden's case sticks out, because it looks so much better today. Let's face it, Joe would be considered a difficult case, even by today's standards. He had dark hair with light skin and a large area to cover. Also, he has very fine and straight hair, which means more hair is needed to create visual density. 

The biggest problem with Joe's hair was the sparse coverage and unnatural placement. Essentially, Joe had an island of hair plugs scattered across his scalp and a clear gap between the hair plugs and the lateral humps (sides of his hair). 

Did Joe Biden Ever Admit to Having Surgery?

In 1987 a Washington Post reporter asked him if the public's theories regarding his hair plugs were true, to which he responded "I've got to keep some mystery's in my life". Joe Biden has never outwardly admitted to having hair plugs, but several professionals have confirmed the nations suspicions. Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians Dr. Michael Beehner  had this to say: "when he had darker hair it was pretty obvious, he had hair plugs. A lot of people have touch-up work, and he may have had some". 

What Did Joe Biden Do To Fix His Hair?

One thing that helped Joe's situation was the ligtening of his hair, the contrast is no where near as visible as it was before. The scalp is visible through hair; when hair color matches skin color, hair loss becomes less visible. The same could be said about hair plugs and poor results. However, it is our belief that Joe has definitely had more work done to camoflauge the 'barbie-doll' hair plugs. 

Surgical hair restoration has gone through serious refinement over the last 30 years, and today hair transplants are virtually undetectable. Hair transplant surgeons no longer use large 'hair plugs' they transplant follicular units. Hair plugs used to contain 20-30 hairs per plug, which gave the unnatural appearance of doll hair.

Follicular unit grafts come in groups of one (1) hair, two (2) hair, three (3) hair, four (4), and even five (5) hairs per graft. This is how hair naturally grows on the scalp.  

Joe Biden most likely underwent Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS), to excise the old scar and refine his previous work. Most of the work has been done to his hairline and midscalp. He now combs his hair back and downwards to cover the gap between his lateral humps and hairline like a reverse comb-over. He hasn't had any work done to his crown, as it is wide and void of any hair. Given the fact that he has had an array of other cosmetic procedures including botox and veneers, will he have another hair transplant? Only time will tell.