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Hair Loss Concealers Instant Hair In Minutes

Those of us getting up there in age may remember the late night infomercials advertising "hair in a can". These infomercials were so bad they were almost comical. In fact, many were left with a negative view of hair loss concealers because of the terrible 1990's infomercials. However, much like hair transplantation, hair loss concealers have come a long way and the "hair in a can" days are long gone. In this article, we will be going over various forms of hair loss concealers.

Toppik Instant Fullness

Hair fibers are a "sprinkle solution" hair loss concealer that are sprinkled on the thinning/balding area for added fullness and density. Hair fibers are magnetically charged to bind to miniaturizing hair follicles. The hair fibers work by coating the miniaturized hair follicle and making the hair follicle appear longer and thicker. The most popular hair fiber on the market is Toppik, but several other hair fibers exist for a more reasonable price. Hair fibers naturally recreate the appearance of a thick, dense head of hair.

Although hair fibers are one of the most popular forms of hair loss concealers, some feel that hair fibers are too messy and come off easily; leaving a dusty chalky residue on pillows and clothing. However, this can be mitigated by locking the hair fibers with hair spray. Hair fibers continue to be popular amongst hair loss sufferers, because the application is easy to master and takes seconds. A few sprinkles of the hair fiber on a thinning area/bald spot and the thinning vanishes in seconds.

DermMatch Waterproof Hair Loss Concealer

Unlike hair fibers DermMatch is a hard-packed powder formula that doesn't require any "sprinkle" or "spray". DermMatch is applied by wetting the applicator and gently dabbing the applicator in to the hard-packed powder formula. The applicator is then gently applied and dabbed over the thinning/balding areas unitl the thinning disappears.

DermMatch is one of the only hair loss concealers that is truly waterproof. DermMatch can be used in the rain, pool and even the ocean. DermMatch can only be removed by shampoo and rigorous scrubbing. For this reason, it is very popular amongst active hair loss sufferers. That said, the application is more time consuming than hair fibers, especially if the individual has a large thinning area. In addition, DermMatch does not work well on miniaturized hair because it does not coat the hair follicle to make it look longer and thicker. DermMatch works by matching the color of the scalp and hair, so that the contrast is minimized thus, providing a dense, fuller head of hair.

COUVRe Hair Concealer Lotion

COUVRe is a "scalp tinting" lotion that works by tinting the scalp to match the color of the individuals hair. While similar to DermMatch the product itself is completely different. COUVRe is a "masking lotion" unlike DermMatch which is a hard-packed powder formula. COUVRe has been shown to provide individuals with a fuller head of hair instantly.

Many users of COUVRe find the application process to be easier than DermMatch, because of the sponge tip applicator that can cover a large area quickly. The drawback of using COUVRe is that individuals require a decent amount of hair for the concealer to look natural. If COUVRe is applied to a severely bald person, the tinting lotion will appear like paint.


Hair loss concealers work great to disguise and mask hair loss, but they do not stop or even slow down hereditary hair loss. Unfortunately, androgenic alopecia (genetic hair loss) is a progressive condition that gets worse and spreads over time. In order for hair loss concealers to work, there must be hair present. At some point, even the best hair loss conealer will stop working. The only hair loss solution that can restore hair on a completely bald scalp is surgical hair restoration. Hair loss concealers are a great adjunct to hair transplant surgery.