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Hair Restoration Number of Grafts Harvested and Needed

There are a number of factors that determine the number of follicular unit grafts able to be harvested in a single hair transplant session which include:

1.  Donor density (in follicular units per square centimeter)
2.  Donor laxity (the elasticity of the scalp)
3.  Length of strip removed (typically from ear to ear, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter)
4.  Width of strip removed (width in centimeters top to bottom)

Length and width of the strip will vary between hair restoration clinics based on individual philosophy. 

The number of follicular grafts needed for a hair transplant depends on a number of additional variables that need to be seriously considered including:

1. Hair characteristics
2. Area of hair loss
3. Projection of future hair loss (conserving available donor)

This is why research and hair transplant patient provided proof of success is an important part of the hair transplant physician selection process.

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